Child Protection & Safeguarding
We have a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure children are free from harm and abuse. Our setting fully upholds the responsibility of the welfare and protection of the children in our care. All members of staff are subjected to rigorous checks (Safer Recruitment policy) and all are trained in Child Protection Awareness. Our Safeguarding Children policy includes references to the Prevent Duty (terrorism), FGM (female genital mutilation) and CSE (child sexual exploitation) 

Safety & Security
Our setting is fully enclosed and access can only be gained through our main door entry system. Visitors/Contractors will be asked for identification before entry will be granted. Our CCTV system ensures our entrance pathway and classrooms are constantly in view and monitored at all times. Rigorous Risk Assessments throughout all areas of the setting ensure hazards are kept to a minimum.

Equal Opportunities & Inclusion
Our setting welcomes all children and their family units. We do not discriminate against race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disabilities or impairments. Every person is celebrated for who they are. Members of staff are selected for being the best person for the role.

Behaviour Management
Our setting promotes a positive approach to behavioural expectations. Staff encourage caring, considerate and respectful attitudes through leading by example. Praising good behaviour and explaining unwanted behaviour. Practitioners help children understand ‘feelings and emotions’ and how behaviour can affect others.

Key Workers & Buddy System
Our setting ensures a strong, committed and comprehensive Key Worker system. Every child will be allocated their own personal Key Person, as well as nominated ‘Buddy’s’ – allowing the children and alternative point of contact.

Parent Partnership
Dolphins welcomes and fully encourages all contributions from Parents/Carers – ensuring a cohesive approach to their child’s care, learning and development

Regular opportunities are held to ensure both the setting and Parents/Carers are working together – such as Parents Information Sharing forms, End of Term Reports, Stay & Play sessions and Requested Parents Meetings. Our on-line Learning and Development Journals (Tapestry) ensure Parents/Carers have the opportunity to view and add any progress their child has made.

Children (and Parents alike) need to feel safe and confident within our setting, which is why our settling-in process is firmly embedded. We aim to ensure children feel happy and secure while Parents are not there – to build trusting relationships with Key Workers. We aim to do this by arranging several visits prior to their starting date. 

Food & Drink
Our in-house catering department ensures meals are fresh, healthy, nutritious and balanced. We cater for all dietary needs. Fresh water is available at all times. Milk is offered at Breakfast and Snack times.

Illness & Sickness
Our Duty of Care requires us to ensure the spread of any illness or infection is kept to a minimum. 

Vomiting & Diarrhoea – must not return to the setting until there has been a clear 48 hours after the last episode.

Conjunctivitis – children can return to the setting once they have received 24 hours of medication

Chicken Pox – must not return to the setting until spots have completely dried and scabbed over and children are well enough to do so

Hand, Foot & Mouth – we ask that you keep your child away from the setting until they are well enough to return

(incubation period ranges from 3-5 days)

RVS – (respiratory syncytial virus) – children can attend the setting if they are well enough to do so

Impetigo – children can return to the setting once they have received a clear 48 hours treatment/medication and spots have

dried and crusted over

Scarlet Fever – lasts for around 1 week, children may return to the setting once they are well enough to do so

Slapped Cheek – children can attend as long as they are well enough to do so

Threadworm – children can return to the setting once they have received a clear 48 hours medication/treatment

We are able to administer all medications however, any medications that has not been prescribed by a GP, Nurse or Dentist (over the counter chemist) will only be administered for a maximum of 3 days. We will require full written Parental consent to administer any medication.

Accident & Incident
All accidents/incidents will be recorded – with full details of when and how it occurred and any possible first aid that was administered. Parents will be required to sign in acknowledgement.

There is a full set of the settings Policies in Reception for Parents/Carers to view.

Driving & Parking
This is a polite notice to ask Parents to be mindful of residents access when dropping off and collecting their children.

We aim to deal with complaints in a sensitive, respectful manner. If you have a concern/complaint regarding any aspect of the care or service we provide – we ask that you first speak to the Managers, who will investigate the matter further. Responses will be relayed back as soon as possible – with agreeable satisfactory outcomes in place. If you feel we have not addressed your concern to an agreeable outcome at this point, you have the right to put your concerns in writing to Ofsted. Ofsted National Business Unit, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester. M1 2WD – or telephone 0300-123-1231.