Welcome to our Pre-School Room

Whether you are joining us for the first time or moving up from our Toddler Room,
we hope the information below will help provide any information you may need following our School Readiness Programme

Pre-School – Readiness for School Programme

Your child is now attending Pre-School – the last year before starting Primary school next September. Our goal is to ensure they are prepared for their transition to school and the next step in their educational journey.

This process is not to ensure that they can read and write prior to starting school, or recite and recognise letters of the alphabet, or count to 50 (Ofsted make this clear within the Early Years Foundation Stage) it’s about ensuring children are ready – emotionally and socially and that their understanding and knowledge is secure enough to allow them to continue on their next steps of learning. Our aim, as Early Years Educators is to give the children the tools, opportunities and experiences to go on to achieve the Early Learning Goals within the Reception years at school  (children learn at different rates, and some children do achieve some the goals while at Pre-School)

However, our first focus is to ensure they have settled into the Pre-School room – which we will do during the next few weeks. The first half of the Autumn Term is all about being happy, secure and settled within the environment, while understanding and following new routines, boundaries and expectations. To fully encourage and support independence, self-belief and a positive sense of ‘I Can’ attitudes. Secure children’s personal hygiene and self-care routines 

Supporting Parents and Carers.

We are here to support all Parents/Carers too – understanding that it’s just as a scary time for you as it is for the children – especially if it’s your first child and not really sure how things work! No-one really tells you and you can feel isolated, not really knowing what to do. Hopefully our ‘Readiness for School’ programme will give you some idea of what we will be doing in Pre-School at Dolphins.

There are dome things we have no control over, with regards to children’s schools. We do not decide which children go into which classrooms nor do we have any input into each schools visits or settling-in sessions. If you are feeling confused at any time, please, please come and speak to us and we will try to answer any queries or concerns you may have

Tapestry & Learning Journey’s

Children’s Tapestry Learning Journey will be passed on to Parents – either by email or downloaded onto a disc, ensuring Parents have all of the information of their child’s time spent at Dolphins.