Welcome to our Toddler Room

Whether you are joining us for the first time or moving up from our Nursery Room,
we hope the information below will help provide any information you may need.

Little Explorer’s

Children really come into their own at this stage and act like little sponges – more confidence, more inquisitive and many more questions! How, what, why and where – be ready for them all!.    By now your child will have learned ‘the basics’ – this is the stage where they really come into their own – independence, self-awareness, relationships to name but a few. Children are encouraged and supported to ‘try’ everything and their characteristics really begin to shine through

Important Information

This is a much bigger room than our Nursery Room, with lot’s more children – so it may take a little longer for your child to truly settle into. This is something we are fully aware of and would like to re-assure Parents that we closely monitor all children to ensure they are settled, happy and confident within their new surroundings.

Toilet Training

Your child will generally begin to understand the concepts of toilet training at this age (if they haven’t already). As soon as you are ready to start the process at home please let us know as we will follow the same routines. All we ask is that you supply several pairs of underwear as well as a couple of sets of spare clothes – just for any accidents. Children will have accidents, but this could be for a number of reasons eg. just because they are busy exploring their environment or simply too busy playing. Please be assured, we will monitor continuously – just to ensure there are no underlying issues.